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    Multi-Use Safety Keychain

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    The value added in this bundle is amazing! We are proud too present a 4 piece security set at a bargain price! Suitable for everyone from students & senior citizens, Night workers & runners, Men & Women! 
    What is included?
    ⭐️ 120 Decibel alarm wit flashlight attachment - This alarm, once the pin is pulled emits an extremely loud beeping which will deter criminals and attract the help you may need. The flashlight is extremely bright for its size, made possible due to the high quality LED's!
    ⭐️ Lipstick/Pepper spray holder - Sleek and Chic sleeve to fit any of your commonly used cosmetics, or an easy way to disguise your pepper spray!
    ⭐️Fluffy PomPom - perfect as a stress ball or simply a super cute accessory! 
    ⭐️Durable and lightweight wrist strap to ensure easy access at all










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    Extremely! The locks are made of a very durable metal, furthermore, the position the locks are placed in will strengthen the door without directly pressuring the lock to the point of breaking!

    Our door lock can be used on any type of door that opens inwards toward the room you are attempting to lock. This exclude all sliding doors and two door entrances.